PES League

PES League (currently eFootball.Open) was KONAMI’s official esports competition of Pro Evolution Soccer until 2019. EMR was the organiser of the European stops and World Finals in 2018.


EMR organized the most important PES League event of the 2018 season that crowned Ettorito97 and Broken Silence as world champions.

We also ran the three qualification events throughout the continent: the Regional Finals in Barcelona and Milan, and the Europe Round in Berlin.


KONAMI appointed EMR to organize, produce and manage the 2018 European events.

We were in charge of finding the location, designing the space, managing the transfers and accommodations of the players, refereeing the matches, broadcasting and creating all the pre, live and post content.

Throughout the events, we worked with over 80 players, broadcasted for over 3.5 million spectators, and received positive feedback from the competitors, audience, and competition owner.