eFootball.Pro Invitational

The eFootball.Pro Invitational was the first eFootball.Pro public event, featuring competition between FC Schalke 04, Celtic FC, and Santos FC.


The eFootball.Pro Invitational was held on August 12, 2018 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

It was the inaugural event of the eFootball.Pro project, and showcased upcoming features of the new competition that was about to begin, the eFootball.Pro League.

Three top-notch clubs competed for the first eFootball.Pro trophy and FC Schalke 04 won the tournament.

The day also included “Beat the Pro”, an event that gave attendees the opportunity to challenge one of the world’s best PES players.


The eFootball.Pro Invitational enabled EMR to show a teaser of the future league’s competitive, logistic, aesthetic and organisational features.

We moved from Barcelona to Gelsenkirchen, Germany, where we set up a stage with a gaming zone.

We organised, produced and managed all aspects of the tournament and created related audiovisual content.

We executed promotions on the event day, interacted with fans, and held the “Beat the Pro” activity.

The nearly 100,000 attendees of the Schalke-Tag were able to follow the competition at all times through our live broadcast at the event.