eFootball.Pro Cup

The eFootball.Pro Cup was an online competition run by EMR with the clubs of the 2019-20 eFootball.Pro season.


After the interruption of the Regular League in the 2019-20 season due to the pandemic, eFootball.Pro was reinvented to feature a season finale online that would remain competitive.

After hosting the Friendly Tournament and Friendly Series with several professional players, the eFootball.Pro Cup was the first online eFootball™ (then Pro Evolution Soccer) tournament to feature all ten eFootball.Pro clubs.

Broadcast over 3 days, it featured a Group Stage and Final, with FC Bayern München emerging as the champions.


With the eFootball.Pro Cup, EMR was able to test many of the systems needed to run an online league, which were subsequently applied in the 2020-21 eFootball.Pro season that was held in this mode.

We contacted the players, received their match signals, cameras and sound, and refereed the matches all remotely.

In total, we received signals from 8 countries and more than 20 different cities. In addition, we broadcast the programmes live from our central studio with the casters appearing in the stream from their homes.