Davis Cup Madrid Finals

Kosmos Tennis will be organising the Davis Cup for the next 25 years and entrusted EMR with some of the production work of the official event’s presentation in Madrid and the 2019 Finals Draw Ceremony.


The presentation of the revamped Davis Cup in October 2018 and the Finals Draw Ceremony in February 2019 were two of the biggest events held in Madrid before the first Davis Cup Finals edition.

EMR was responsible for leading some of the production tasks and supporting many others.


EMR led the operations of the Davis Cup Madrid Finals’ presentation and the Draw Ceremony, and gave support to Kosmos Tennis in several tasks related to production and event management, communication and design.

We were in charge of managing the locations as well as the related services such as coordinating catering and other operations.

We were responsible for broadcasting, creating related content, and managing all social media channels.