Barcelona Keen Con

Barcelona Keen Con 2021 was the first edition of a new LAN Party format created by EMR.


In October 2021, EMR organized Barcelona Keen Con, a three day LAN Party in which Quake Champions competitions were held in individual and pair modes.

Under the umbrella of the Keen Con brand projects created by EMR, we aim to unite the magic of the video game fan gatherings of past decades with today’s technology and media.


As the creator of the competition, EMR was in charge of the overall management of the event, including operations, production, design, content creation and broadcasting.

We shaped the event from the beginning, created the format and rules, managed the player registration, and the player operations during the games.

We designed and produced all spaces of the LAN Party venue, including the stage, the main room of the competition, and the auxiliary spaces.

In addition, we promoted Barcelona Keen Con on digital channels, creating all of the content and broadcasting the entire competition.

The result was an event praised by both participants and fans.