Balloon World Cup

Kosmos Studios entrusted EMR with the design and production of the Balloon World Cup, the balloon championship created by Gerard Piqué and Ibai Llanos.


In October 2021, the first edition of the Balloon World Cup took place, a global competition inspired by the game of preventing a balloon from touching the ground.

Representatives from 32 countries participated and it was streamed worldwide through Ibai Llanos’ Twitch channel.

Kosmos Studios, the event organizer, relied on EMR to carry out the design of spaces and merchandising, as well as production tasks.


EMR worked with Kosmos Studios on the operations, production, design, and content creation for the Balloon World Cup.

We performed tasks related to contact with the players, travel management and player transfers, as well as the collaborators.

We were also in charge of designing and working on the production of the competition space, including the stage, as well as the merchandising and content for social media.

During the event we focused on content creation and control of participants and attendees.